Legal Advice and Opinions

Denis regularly provides legal advice to law firms or in house counsels, in order to analyze a point of law and explain what the answers to the issues at stake are. Such advice takes the form of a note, to be used by the person having asked for it, or of a legal opinion, that can be produced before arbitral tribunals or state courts.


Legal opinions may also be used to establish the content of French or EU law before arbitral tribunals or foreign courts. Of course, Denis’ can also testify and be cross-examined by the tribunal or court.

Denis' notes or opinions generally pertain to business contracts, international trade, transport law, and disputes resolution.


Denis’ legal notes and opinions are always very detailed and well documented, with, as annexes, the sources on which the opinion is based. Denis’ analyses are as clear and precise as possible.


Obviously, when drafting an opinion, Denis acts ethically and states only what he objectively understands the law to be. If the content of the law is not in the interest of the client, Denis just explains it to her or him. She or he can then decide whether she or he really wants Denis’ opinion.


Some Examples of Denis' Work as a Consultant


Denis has been asked to draft affidavits about the content of French law, in the fields of contracts and  maritime law, before US and other foreign courts


He has also given opinions and advice concerning:

- Disputes between companies and their former shareholders and employees

- Disputes between EU firms distributing in Europe appliances manufactured abroad

- Disputes between air carriers and their employees or clients, involving the application of EU regulations

- Insolvency proceedings, especially involving foreign creditors and the application of EU Regulations

- Recovery of loans granted by French and foreign banks to French companies;

- Foreign bank sued in France for loaning money to bankrupt companies