Ethics, Fees, Bar Affiliation

Denis is a member of the Paris Bar (Avocat à la Cour), meaning that he is fully qualified to practice law, that he abides by the highest standards of professional ethics, and that any piece of information disclosed to him is fully privileged.


Denis can act worldwide as arbitrator, counsel, or consultant.


Nevertheless, Denis being an academic, his legal practice consists in serving as arbitrator or advising law firms or in house legal counsels. Obviously, Denis' commits not to procure legal services directly to the clients of law firms appointing or consulting him. He does not need to have direct contact with those clients when working on a specific case.


As to fees, when Denis is appointed as an arbitrator, they are set, generally, as a lump sum, by the arbitration center or, in ad hoc arbitrations, agreed upon by the parties and the arbitrators.


When Denis acts as counsel or consultant, being asked to help drafting contracts or preparing legal opinions, he usually bills at an hourly rate. Anyway, fees can be discussed and adjusted, for instance into a lump sum.


For professional training sessions, conferences and courses, Denis' generally charges a lump sum, discussed beforehand.


Fees can be invoiced in Euros, US dollars or UK pounds, and can be paid by checks or bank transfer. They are subject to VAT only if the person invoiced is a French resident or company, or a resident or company of another EU state without a valid VAT number.


Please, do not hesitate to ask for Denis' scale of fees. Denis shall not begin working on any project without a written agreement mentioning the nature of his work and his fees. Moreover, Denis always asks for a retainer.


Denis is a member of an accounting association approved by the French Tax Administration. He fully complies with French and EU fiscal and social regulations.